More on the Dream

September 14, 2009

I’ve been thinking more today about details from my dream of Millie having an affair.

This friend of mine who died in 1984 was a compulsive home buyer.  I’ve never known anyone like him.  He regularly sold whatever house he was living in and moved to another one, sometimes as often a twice or three times a year.

It was weird, and as I think back on it, and the circumstances surrounding his death, signal he was in trouble.

But, in the dream, once Millie got the fact out before us that she had been sleeping with my friend and that we weren’t going to divorce, we started talking about my friend, in this light banter  — along the lines of me wondering how many different houses she’d fucked him in, but that led to something I didn’t find so funny:  they’d fucked in our bed.

I thought the affair had only taken place outside our home, but it took place in our home, as well.

I began to realize that when I had taken off during the summer to visit my mother and other family, it had opened the way for Millie and my friend to be lovers in our bed.

I shook myself awake from this development and decided it was time to feed the dog, get some coffee, and leave the world of my dark dreams behind and see if the waking world might be better, even in my joyless marriage.


One Response to “More on the Dream”

  1. Jean said

    Hi, it has been a long time since you posted anything about your joyless marriage. Why? Did you figure it out? Quit it? You write very well and honestly. I was captured into your story and recognizing how complicated marriage is.

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